Bisexuality: a documentary film

The documentary film ‘Bisexuality’ explores how bisexuals are seen and perceived in modern society.

272994_210982382271683_8313976_oI was approached by film-maker Alex Morris in 2012 to be interviewed for his documentary ‘Bisexuality‘. It  follows a selection of bisexual, straight and gay men and women whose experiences are told through the eyes of the film-maker. My role was to talk about perceptions of bisexuality in a historical perspective, comparing it to how scholars understand histories of male homosexuality and lesbianism. But I also spoke about my own perceptions of bisexuality in the contemporary world, how bisexuals were understood by gay men, and misconceptions they faced.

Morris’s film has been screened to a number of private and public bodies including local councils and at the UK Parliament.

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April 2013

Alex Morris

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