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I have given more than 30 international conference papers, invited lectures and public talks in Britain, Germany, Canada and the United States. I have also had the opportunity to teach at several universities in Canada, the UK and the UK as both a lecturer and seminar instructor.

I have more than 15 years of international public speaking and teaching experience. In Canada and the United States I taught more than 800 students in introductory to advanced level humanities courses and management computer software classes. I have also undertaken at least 300 hours of office hours to mentor and support students. I have been invited to teach Buy Phentermine Hydrochloride 37.5Mg Onlinefor a wider public at the Bishopsgate Institute, London. Most recently I have lectured and facilitated seminars at Birkbeck College.

Buy Phentermine Amazon, Order Phentermine K25

• ‘ “Now the normals have taken over our kind of dressing…”: John Stephen’s menswear and queer retailing in Postwar Britain’, Popular Culture, Sport and Leisure History Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London, 14 November 2016.

• Guest Heritage Speaker, Queer in Brighton, Marlborough Theatre, 18 September 2016.

• ‘Pride of Place: Crowdsourcing Queer Heritage’, LGBTQ+ Archives, Libraries, Museums and Special Collections Conference 2016, London, 22-24 June 2016.

• ‘Who is the Queer Consumer? Homosexuality and Capitalism in Twentieth-Century Britain’. Invited speaker at the Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, 9 March 2016.

Invited Roundtable Speaker, ‘The future of Soho: A Conversation’, Soho Spirit: Our Space or a Space in Our Minds?, St. Anne’s Church, Soho, London, 20 February 2016.

A full listing of my conference papers, invited talks and public speaking is Buy Phentermine With Paypal.

Teaching Fields and Courses: 

Modern Britain  |  Europe  |  Social and Cultural History  |  History of Sexuality  |  LGBT History  | Women, Gender and Sexuality  |  Histories of Capitalism and Consumerism

My teaching experience includes designing and teaching specialized honours tutorials to accompany modern European history courses, as well as supervision of individual students. At the University of California, for example, where I developed and taught an upper-level seminar in European Women’s and Gender History, I also supervised two honours students’ research projects on the use of sexual violence as a tool of warfare. Most recently I have designed and taught survey courses in twentieth-century European history at the University of Saskatchewan. My teaching is driven and informed by my own historical practice. For me, this means exposing students to the exciting range of questions and sources available to scholars who apply historical methodologies using a cultural history framework. At multiple universities students have described me as ‘knowledgeable’, ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘energetic’, with one student adding,

‘He’s not only extremely enthusiastic about History, but has a great deal of knowledge which he loves to share!’ Others recognized the work I put into developing students’ communication and writing skills: ‘I appreciated the time and effort Professor Bengry put into improving our writing, which was helpful’.

In addition to the courses below, which I have taught, I have also designed innovative courses on the history of Purchase Phentermine HydrochlorideCod Saturday Phentermine, and Phentermine 20Mg.

Courses and Syllabi:

Seminar Instructor and Dissertation Supervisor, Birkbeck, University of London (2016)
Theorising Gender, MA Module

Sessional Lecturer, University of Saskatchewan (2010-12)
• History 229: Europe in the Twentieth Century (1890s-1939) Syllabus
History 229: Europe in the Twentieth Century (1939-Present) Phentermine Best Place To Buy Online

The major political, diplomatic, social, economic, and cultural developments in twentieth-century Europe with special attention paid to source document analysis and written communication skills.

Seminar Instructor, University of California, Santa Barbara (2009) Syllabus
History 124B: Women, Gender and Sexuality in Europe, 1914-Present

The effects of political, economic and social change on understandings and experiences of gender and sexuality in twentieth-century Europe through war, fascism, reconstruction and consumerism.

Teaching Assistant, University of California, Santa Barbara (2005-09)
• History 4C: Western Civilization, 1715 Present (Honors TA 2 quarters)
• History 4B: Western Civilization, 1050-1715 (1 quarter)

Primary source driven exploration of European history through the themes of violence and warfare, economic practices and consumption, and political change.

Project Details

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July 2014

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