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Phentermine Free Shipping, Phentermine Purchase

The national launch of ‘Buy Phentermine Hydrochloride 37.5Mg Online’ on 23 September 2016 was covered by international media outlets including:

• Mark Brown, ‘Historic England to relist Oscar Wilde’s home and others with gay heritage’, The Guardian, 23 September 2016.

• David Sanderson, ‘Grand designs: secret bedroom that let gay couple stay in the closet’, The Times, 23 September 2016.

• Guy Kelly, ‘Pride of place: Reclaiming England’s LGBTQ heritage’, The Telegraph, 23 September 2016.

• Sewell Chan, ‘6 Sites Recognized by Britain for Significance to Gay History’, New York Times, 23 September 2016.

• ‘ “Queer history” landmarks celebrated by Historic England’, BBC News.


Coverage also appeared in:

• National print and online press: Daily Mail, Guardian Online, Daily Mail Online, Daily Mirror Online, Daily Express Online, Reuters UK, The Architects’ Journal

• LGBTQ press: Outfront, Gay Times, Pink News Attitude

• Local media: Bristol Post, Get West London, Newmarket Journal, Bedford Today, Fenland Citizen, Artlyst, Spenborough Guardian, Malton and Pickering Mercury, Brighouse Echo, Halifax Courier

• Radio: BBC World Service, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 5 Live, London Live


Pride of Place has been noted across newspapers, online media, radio and independent publications:

• Sarah Waters, ‘On my radar: Sarah Waters’s cultural highlights’ The Guardian, 22 May 2016.

• Justin Bengry interviewed by Emily Carlton, ‘Pride of Place’, Orlando 1 (April 2016): pp. 27-29.

• Mike Stevens, ‘Lancashire’s LGBT history mapped out on interactive website’, BBC Online, 29 February 2016.

• ‘Women’s Hour’, BBC Radio 4, 22 January 2016.


The launch of the Pride of Place interactive map was reported in major UK and US newspapers as well as the LGBTQ press:

• ‘UK Historians Map Out Hidden, Undocumented Sites of LGBT History’, New York Times, 30 June 2015.

• Nick Clark, ‘Pride of Place: Historians map out untold LGBT histories of locations throughout UK’, The Independent, 30 June 2015.

• Emily Howard, ‘Pride of Place in our Historic Queer Buildings’, DIVA, 30 June 2015.

• ‘New project maps hidden gay stories of British buildings’, Attitude Magazine, 29 June 2015.


My Buy Phentermine With Paypal has been cited in the popular film press:

• Henry K Miller, ‘Poetry in Motion’, Sight & Sound: The International Film Magazine 24 no. 9 (September 2014).

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November 2016


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