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November, 2016 · By Justin Bengry

The national launch of ‘Buy Phentermine With Paypal’ on 23 September 2016 was covered by international media outlets including:

• Mark Brown, ‘Historic England to relist Oscar Wilde’s home and others with gay heritage’, The Guardian, 23 September 2016.

• David Sanderson, ‘Grand designs: secret bedroom that let gay couple stay in the closet’, The Times, 23 September 2016.

• Guy Kelly, ‘Pride of place: Reclaiming England’s LGBTQ heritage’, The Telegraph, 23 September 2016.

• Sewell Chan, ‘6 Sites Recognized by Britain for Significance to Gay History’, New York Times, 23 September 2016.

• ‘ “Queer history” landmarks celebrated by Historic England’, BBC News.


Coverage also appeared in:

• National print and online press: Daily Mail, Guardian Online, Daily Mail Online, Daily Mirror Online, Daily Express Online, Reuters UK, The Architects’ Journal

• LGBTQ press: Outfront, Gay Times, Pink News Attitude

• Local media: Bristol Post, Get West London, Newmarket Journal, Bedford Today, Fenland Citizen, Artlyst, Spenborough Guardian, Malton and Pickering Mercury, Brighouse Echo, Halifax Courier

• Radio: BBC World Service, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio 5 Live, London Live


Pride of Place has been noted across newspapers, online media, radio and independent publications:

• Sarah Waters, ‘On my radar: Sarah Waters’s cultural highlights’ The Guardian, 22 May 2016.

• Justin Bengry interviewed by Emily Carlton, ‘Pride of Place’, Orlando 1 (April 2016): pp. 27-29.

• Mike Stevens, ‘Lancashire’s LGBT history mapped out on interactive website’, BBC Online, 29 February 2016.

• ‘Women’s Hour’, BBC Radio 4, 22 January 2016.


The launch of the Pride of Place interactive map was reported in major UK and US newspapers as well as the LGBTQ press:

• ‘UK Historians Map Out Hidden, Undocumented Sites of LGBT History’, New York Times, 30 June 2015.

• Nick Clark, ‘Pride of Place: Historians map out untold LGBT histories of locations throughout UK’, The Independent, 30 June 2015.

• Emily Howard, ‘Pride of Place in our Historic Queer Buildings’, DIVA, 30 June 2015.

• ‘New project maps hidden gay stories of British buildings’, Attitude Magazine, 29 June 2015.


My Purchase Phentermine Hydrochloride has been cited in the popular film press:

• Henry K Miller, ‘Poetry in Motion’, Sight & Sound: The International Film Magazine 24 no. 9 (September 2014).

Cod Saturday Phentermine

July, 2014 · By Justin Bengry

I have an active professional profile on social media and through blogging on themes of higher education, history and sexuality at various sites.

I employ both Facebook and Twitter to publicise and promote my outreach and impact activities such as events, public talks and blogging. I have been asked to write guest blogs for the School of Advanced Study, University of London, the Bishopsgate Institute, London; the History News Network at George Mason University and others. My own blog writing has been republished at the Huffington Post, The Politics and Policy Blog at the London School of Economics, and Slate. I have also been interviewed about my work in for Phentermine 20Mg at ActiveHistory.ca, an initiative that connects the work of historians with the wider public and the importance of the past to current events.


I am an Editorial Fellow with Phentermine Best Place To Buy Online, the online magazine for History Workshop Journal, which seeks to continue the spirit of the History Workshop movement. As Editorial Fellow I am responsible for commissioning and editing content, social media and promotion, and contributing to planning and strategy for HWO. This has included overhauling the online presence of of one of the most important historical movements of the 20th century.

Buy Phentermine 375 Mg


My most exciting and successful blogging venture has been the international, collaborative, open-access blog Buy Phentermine Hcl Uk. Launched in January 2014, Notches soon became an active voice in professional conversations about the history of sexuality on both sides of the Atlantic. NOTCHES now has a team of 3 Managing Editors, 10 Editors, and 8 Assistant Editors. Our approximately 300 posts have been viewed half a millions times. NOTCHES is at the centre of international conversations about the history of sexuality in both the academy and beyond.
Where Can I Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg In Uk


In 2009 I was invited to participate in the Blackwell-Wiley sponsored ‘History Compass Exchanges’ blog. Contributions here ran the gamut from interviews with scholars and questions of method and practice for professional historians to personal anecdotes and updates as I navigated my way through postdoctoral life. With a large and active readership, the History Compass site offered an opportunity to engage with academics and an engaged public on questions of teaching methods, writing strategies and professional development. History Compass no longer exists, but I have archived my past blogs on this site.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 3.55.10 PM


I was an early contributor to the Canadian youth and careers website TalentEgg as a writer throughout 2010 for their Phentermine Tablets Buy Online Uk series. I wrote about young professionals and higher education, but most of my blogs comprised advice to students on transitioning into and thriving at graduate school.

Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online Uk


In addition to my own personal Phentermine Where To Buy twitter profile, which has over 8,000 followers, I manage and contribute to the Buy Yellow Phentermine 30Mg account, which supports the activities of NOTCHES: (re)marks on the history of sexuality.  I am also the Social Media Coordinator for the History of Sexuality Seminar at the Institute of Historical Research, and operate its Phentermine 37.5 twitter account and Buy Generic Phentermine 37.5 Online presence, which together promote activities of the seminar and act as a notice board for activities and events in the field. I have also managed social media for several historical projects including  the AHRC-funded project Buy Phentermine Gnc tweeting from Phentermine Paypal Buy and also Historic England’s initiative PWhere To Buy Phentermine 375 from Buy Phentermine Hcl 15Mg and our own hashtag #PrideofPlace.

Order Phentermine 37.5 From Mexico

Other Social Media:

My full Buy Phentermine Online 37.5 can be viewed at Academia.edu.

I have compiled my online writings into a Buy Phentermine 15Mg Online.